Carpentry and Joinery

Carpentry and Joinery

carpentry and joineryCarpentry and joinery are, without doubt, the oldest and most skilled trades in todays modern construction industry.


The difference between carpenters and joiners are the skill levels required and what the work entails.


carpentry and joinery

Carpenters usually work on site fixing windows, doors, trusses, stairs, and basically the construction components joiners have made.

Many carpenters focus on a particular skill. However, carpenters who work on property refurbishments or new construction need a wide range of carpentry skills and knowledge.

Highly-trained carpenters are able to switch from one type of building (e.g. domestic to commercial) to another and work on a variety of jobs.

Training and experience is essential for carpenters to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge they need to competently work and conform to a good standard of woodwork.


Joiners are more skilled but may not have the knowledge to perform site carpentry.

joineryA joiners skill level is higher than a carpenter because they will actually manufacture component items by hand that require extreme fine detail and very little tolerance for error.

Joiners usually work in workshops (bench hand joiners) making windows, doors, trusses and stairs or whatever needs to made from wood.

A carpenter or joiner is the highest skilled of all trades. Able to carry out woodwork to a high standard and carry out whatever is required.

Choosing the Right Carpenter or Joiner

When choosing the correct tradesman to carry out work in your home or business, knowledge about trades and the exact type of tradesman you need is essential.

Carpenters and joiners who posses years of experience in all aspects of carpentry and joinery, and are fully qualified, are a safe bet to perform the highest standard and quality of woodwork.

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